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I once heard a secular scientist say "There is practical science, and there is 'fun and games' science" He meant no insult by 'fun and games', he just meant that if science is practical, it's testable, and conversely, if it's not testable, it's of no practical import whether you're actually right or not.

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The full saturated the sex his girlfriend redhead doll
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Zulujinn 19.03.2018
kid shouldn't even be in the sport, and he is with the most icon club, in the # 1 sport in this country = wow!
Mujora 24.03.2018
No it wouldn?t, but keep trying to deny trump?s complicity in crimes against the US. It will make RWNJs defeat all the sweeter.
Mikami 28.03.2018
the quiz asks a bunch of loaded questions and then doles out bad advice.
Yozshull 01.04.2018
I do, though my taxes. You want the ILLEGAL immigrants, SPONSOR them YOURSELF.
Vozil 10.04.2018
Perfectly well spoken! LOL !!! :)

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