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I'll just test you to make sure your ready!" Ricky moved in between her legs pulling her panties to one side, lining his cock up to her, it went in easily. He placed his hands each side of her onto the table's edge, pushing his cock in deeply; then held himself firmly up inside her.

"Now here is your first, take it into your mouth!" He informed her. Paula was shocked when she felt the cock rubbing around her mouth, she really did consider that they were on their own; reaching up taking the cock into her hand then guiding it to her mouth.

The guy stood hands on hips his cock in her mouth, he started fucking motions almost as soon as his cock became fully engulfed.

The others by now all had raging hard on's; Ricky now started to work on his cock diving it in and out of her at a leisurely pace. He looked up to the guy with his cock in her mouth and nodded to him; as if to say are you ready.

He grinned back at Ricky gesturing he was more than ready to move. "We'll move around now!" He informed Paula, beckoning the next guy up toward her.

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Doesn't apply to the time period of the bible, now, does it?

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Georgians in the ass
Georgians in the ass
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Nashakar 19.03.2018
I loved that show. Can't wait to watch the Spin-Off 'Mayans MC' when it comes out.
Nitaur 20.03.2018
Ask someone who asserts those doctrines.
Fenrirn 24.03.2018
Oh I get it now...You said that because you're a red head! Lol!
JoJora 01.04.2018
The bits on forced servitude of foreigners was to bring them into covenant. If they did that, it was a mere seven years of paid servitude (double) at the end..freedom too. Indentured servitude was employment for the poorest of people.
Gamuro 06.04.2018
You are right, it is at Will and a choice
Mazuzragore 15.04.2018
The bible doesn't prohibit slavery and why is that? Maybe because the men and women that contributed to the bible were living in a place and time where slavery was baked into their laws, seen as an acceptable alternative to going to jail, starving or dying post war. Could that be it? What was the rest of the world doing in 1st century Judea? That's right...killing, enslaving and conquering territory.
Malarg 16.04.2018
Neither of those statements are death threats. Are you saying people threaten your life and then offer statements like those above?
Tukora 19.04.2018
I am ready to take on the jackbooted mattress police.

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