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When the guy who's fucking you is about to cum, he'll move up to your mouth, you'll take his cock and finish him off, swallowing his load. You'll have to work from left to right, so your new cock will always be on you're left, the one that's about to cum will move up to your right. Are you with me?" Ricky eazily as he spoke, pointing to guya first of the guys to take his place.

"I think so. How many will there be?" "Don't you worry your little head about that, just enjoy them as they will you I hope!" "Do I have to wear this blindfold all the time?" "That's the adventurous part about it, you and each of the guy's will be ghys blindfolds.

You won't know whom is fucking you, and nether will they know as to who you are!" Ricky lied as he lifted her legs up onto the edge of the table, spreading them wide.

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Two guys fucked easily charming darling
Two guys fucked easily charming darling
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Just BEE urself
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Hey, that Grundy is a brilliant player.. BRILLIANT!
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It is probably my fault. I couldn't really divorce myself from the context of all that happened previously in the thread in order to understand you were merely riffing on what I'd written with a very pertinent point of your own. Sorry. :(

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