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You did well" he informed her "My pussy feels more like I'd had twenty, none of these friends of yours will be down the pub will they?" "Shouldn't think so!" Ricky lied, knowing that they'd all be there.

"So you've been fucked fifteen times, you've taken a load up your pussy, another up your arse and thirteen loads in your mouth.

Now that has to be a record!" Ricky chuckled as he moved the car from the kerb. The pub was quite full when they entered, Paula did wonder as to why so many in there jacjpot Ricky by the hand, most she'd never seen before as he introduced her to them.

One of them had a bad affliction, she did feel sorry for him; little did she appreciate it was he who'd blown his load up her arse. "Who are all these people, I didn't realise you knew so many?" Paula quizzed when he thhe managed to sit down beside her.

"There all from the handicapped club, they're often in here, I do charitable things for the club now and again. They're quite harmless!" "Well I don't know as to what you actually do; but they certainly seem to appreciate you" Paula stated with a smile, looking across to the bar as she spoke.

"Oh, I do my bit I suppose!" He smiled. Ricky always helped the guys out at the club in a way he felt sorry for them, knowing they'd never get a girl between the sheets so caugh speak, trouble was he'd quite taken to Paula, but seeing her fucked by so many put him off to some extent.

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Pickup Girls caught the jackpot
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