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wham bam vol 1 - Scene 3

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Dirty vagina fireworks
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Samuktilar 29.03.2018
I didn't prove your point. I proved that one of your premises is wrong. Therefore, in this case, it follows that your conclusion is wrong.
Arashinris 30.03.2018
"It is a common expression."
Morisar 01.04.2018
Correct. They WANT to be offended. Never once has a single protester said ANYTHING against vets, the flag, or the anthem... every single time a player is asked about it, they are VERY CLEAR that this is about racial abuse by American police. The players have done literally everything they can to make the point clear, and prove it is not about vets, military, the flag, or the anthem. Those who "misunderstand" are actively CHOOSING to do so. I had someone tell me the other day that the protesters are ATTACKING him. When I asked why he thinks that, he said, "Well, whom are they attacking if not me?" They can't even sort of explain why, but they are firmly decided on it.
Fenrisida 05.04.2018
Especially with a pizza butt
Vuzil 10.04.2018
there is a group of fallen angels already fallen without that understanding.. they are an example for us.. THEY SAW GOD and rebelled...
Arashisar 17.04.2018
You try first lol
Molkis 21.04.2018
Blasphemy, blasphemy I tell you. Aerosmith are Rock Gods! Eagles who?

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