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Mazumuro 25.03.2018
Sounds to me like that's essentially what they are doing. Looking when there is reason to look. Automatically looking into someone's records when there is no reason to suspect them is a very slippery slope, my friend.
Mull 29.03.2018
Good Morning everybody ..Gonna finish my coffee and go for a walk.
Voodoojas 04.04.2018
Lol. Thats me in a few days. Yippee. ??
Tygoll 07.04.2018
Wombosi is of McCain's constituency and as such has always found him to be an upstanding man, though at times having a somewhat inappropriate humor ("Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran"). He and his pebble-in-your-shoe approach to getting results will be sorely missed in Phoenix and Washington.
Zulkinos 14.04.2018
Yes, we can all be experts on the internet, I get that, thanks. It's not my intent to show what a brainiac I am, unlike, apparently, you, it's my intent to point out a seriously flawed design that even an idiot like me COULD recognize as a seriously flawed design were I to be the one that did the designing. I'm sorry if I don't have patience with someone that tries to deflect and dilute the issue, but I'm rather a crotchety old man in pain, and it makes it anathema to suffering nonsense.

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