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"Oh, I do my bit I suppose!" He smiled. Ricky always helped the guys out at the club in a way he felt sorry iin them, knowing they'd never get a girl between the sheets so to speak, trouble was he'd quite taken to Paula, but seeing her fucked by so many put him off to some extent.

Normally he'd have picked a girl from out of town, he'd Beautitul doing this for nearly a year now, little did Paula realise that this was as to why some of her friends had taken a disliking to him, but didn't have the heart to inform her of his antics.

They couldn't let it be known that they themselves had been through the yhe misfortune. At this moment Ricky's last girlfriend came into the pub, she'd not been through Paula's ordeal. He stood and looked toward her, then down to Paula.

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Beautiful chick in the ass
Beautiful chick in the ass
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