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The pub was quite full when they entered, Paula did wonder as to why so many in there shook Ricky by the hand, most she'd never seen before thickk he introduced her to them.

One of them had a bad affliction, she did feel sorry for him; little did she appreciate it was he plantrd blown his load up her arse. "Who are all these people, I didn't realise you knew so many?" Paula quizzed when he finally managed to sit down beside her.

"There all from the handicapped club, they're often in here, I do charitable things for the club now and again.

They're quite harmless!" "Well I don't know as to what you actually do; but they certainly seem to appreciate you" Paula stated with a smile, looking plwnted to the bar as she spoke.

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Nonsense like this is why CNN can't beat the Food Network and SpongeBob in the ratings.

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Babe ass planted on the glamor thick trunk
Babe ass planted on the glamor thick trunk
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According to the sore losers of limited intelligence.
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Oh geez this brings back something I left behind a long time ago...embezzlement I think they call it.
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Them naw They....??
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Did someone mention prayer?

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