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And ignore the numerous public ones? Or, should I point out that private institutions still receive considerable public funding...and, so forth?

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Slender chicks relaxed by the pool and finished
Slender chicks relaxed by the pool and finished
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Mikalkis 20.08.2018
Good for you, interesting work and great for the advancement of technology.
Nazshura 23.08.2018
Nah, you're just in denial...
Kegar 29.08.2018
I?m just messing with ya bro.?????? don?t take me so seriously broham. 90% of what I say is meant for humor eh????????????
Kigasar 30.08.2018
A coworker showed me. There was a video of a guy jumping (failing) into water from about 20 feet, maybe. He missed. His face hit the concrete first. The amount of blood in the water and the rapidity of its appearance was pretty horrid but then we cut to the hospital scene. That is where this tale ends because it's something you can't unsee.
Faerisar 07.09.2018
The hormone bit is treatable, I think. There are differences in brains between gays, lesbians, bisexuals, heteros, people with autism, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, etc. anyway.
Kazigis 09.09.2018
confession, wanna hear it?
Vokus 17.09.2018
I don't think celibacy should be required.
Zulkishakar 21.09.2018
Jesus doesn't mind being involved in cuckoldry. He told the Jews they were impostors and their father is the devil, the father of all lies. So, he was standing there in the garden watching the whole darn thing. He could've been the penis or "serpent" himself. Probably why he died on the cross to pay his OWN price against a jealous "God." -And that's the last time "God" will ever leave the garden even if he can get something on the side.
Tolkree 28.09.2018
I read the article. Your need to,use grand assumptions is your issue.

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