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"So what do you want me to do?" Paula asked, not realising that the table was now surrounded by twelve of Ricky's handicapped friends, each had their trousers or jeans down to their ankles, toying with their cocks.

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Alexander Hamilton explained the reasoning for pardons in Federalist No. 74:

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Student fucked her at night
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As though God has a literal birth canal through which Jesus traveled? No, you should not take that literally.
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Gotcha... all is good. So you still want me to come over? ??????
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I don't think you know the definition of bigoted. It is "having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one's own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others."
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There's actually quite a few over here, but the price has been edging upwards, naturally.
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Facts are the basis for my faith in God.

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