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This was going to be a good turn for Ricky's handicap friends; it was their club. Ricky had hired the hall for the evening; all had been prearranged, no one spoke as they entered the main doorway, as far as Paula was concerned they were both on their own. Ricky took her into the room with the table then turned her; lifting her off the floor onto it, then eased her back down.

"So what do you want me to do?" Paula asked, not realising that the table was now surrounded im twelve of Ricky's handicapped friends, each had their trousers or jeans down to their ankles, toying with their cocks. "First you'll start by giving a blowjob as to make sure the cock is up and running, as soon as it is, the guy will then start to fuck you, then the next one will offer erotif cock up to you.

When the guy who's fucking you is about to cum, he'll move up to your mouth, you'll take his cock and finish him off, swallowing his load. You'll have to work from left to right, so your new cock will always be on you're left, the one that's about to cum will move up to your right.

Are you with me?" Ricky smiled as he spoke, pointing to the first of the guys to take his place.

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Mulatto woman in erotic lingerie wear out white lover
Mulatto woman in erotic lingerie wear out white lover
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