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"Who are all these people, I didn't realise you knew so many?" Paula quizzed when he finally managed to sit down beside her.

"There all from the handicapped club, they're often in here, I do charitable things for the club now and again. They're quite harmless!" "Well I don't know as to what you actually do; but they certainly seem to appreciate you" Paula stated with a smile, looking across to the bar as she spoke.

"Oh, I do my bit I suppose!" He smiled. Ricky always helped the guys out at the club in a way he felt sorry for them, knowing they'd never get a girl between the sheets so to speak, trouble was he'd quite taken to Paula, but seeing her fucked by so many put him off to some extent.

Normally he'd have picked a girl from out of town, he'd been doing this for nearly a year now, little did Paula realise that this was as to why some of her friends had taken a disliking to him, but didn't have the heart to inform her of his antics. They couldn't let it be known that they themselves had been through the same misfortune.

At this moment Ricky's last girlfriend came into the pub, she'd not been through Paula's ordeal. He stood and looked toward her, then down to Paula.

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No, I'm open minded. I believe God and the creation story can coexist with scientific theory because of their similarities.

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Black girl abused by a member of the white
Black girl abused by a member of the white
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Goltikazahn 01.04.2018
I think I messed up by not scrolling down and seeing more than 2 options for the answers on some.
Vozil 09.04.2018
Pretty much I considered you a waste of words from your first comment. Any design that results in it being the 19th most common causes of death, just FROM that bad design IS a bad design, and I don't need a degree in engineering or medicine to know that without playing a silly game of how would you do it better. We were not INTELLIGENTLY designed, obviously.
Mikak 17.04.2018
As an atheist I do not believe in gods.
Guzshura 20.04.2018
Ok, lets try again.
Goltizuru 23.04.2018
Whether they manipulated the book or not, the truth remains that the book was wirtten by men who were humans who can err. The book was not written by Jesus or God for any one to use the imperfections of the book to safely conclude that there is no God.
Daikinos 01.05.2018
They could have used the e-verify system through the DHS, the employer did not do so. They claimed they did but DHS reported they did not.
Akinotaxe 07.05.2018
Thanks for the counterbalance of dishonoring a hero. backatacha

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