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Her new lover had moved in now, the feeling was good; she was even working with him. It was then that she realised the next cock was prodding her mouth. Thankfully they were both working in harmony, which gave her instant orgasm, the guy fucking her pussy sensed her inner pussy muscles flex as she went through it.

It was when the fifth cock was placed in her mouth that she started to wonder; mind you she was enjoying it immensely but she did wonder as to how many more they'd be.

"Rickyhow many more are there?" She managed to ask before her mouth was full again. Ricky was sitting in a chair beside her at this stage, he'd be glad when they'd all finished, as he himself sought after giving her a good fucking, only he'd blow his load up her.

"Not to many, by the looks and sounds of it you're enjoying yourself!" He replied still stroking his cock.

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Tian coitus with her boyfriends best friend
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