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well, I said Rodney because he was one of the greats at one-liners.

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Zulurn 26.03.2018
As I said it had nothing to do with Atheism, it had to do with being a totalitarian dictator. They do not want ANY competition for their citizens respect and loyalty. He was obviously much more ANTI-Theist, but he would have been anti-everything that did not put his regime FIRST.
Tojami 27.03.2018
I never heard that before.
Yogrel 31.03.2018
Oh my jesus! Funny that he reminds me a lot of my boyfriend lol
Tazuru 10.04.2018
I disagree, sitting presidents do not lose their constitutional rights just because they are a sitting president
Muzilkree 13.04.2018
As you obviously can't, care to explain why you keyboarded, "Not so sure about that, there is always debate about Physics . . .?"
Akinokinos 15.04.2018
Oh Geesh! That's awful!
Kigakora 24.04.2018
Okay Missus, I'll grant you that one but only because I don't want to go down the boring road of sorting which bits were 'invented' by private capital, which at the behest of the government and which by the government itself.
Minos 03.05.2018
On to Valhalla.
Negar 04.05.2018
Your day about to start and mine about to end.

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