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"No, not yet. You'll have to put this blindfold on!" "Blindfold, why so?" "As I said you'll not see as to where we are going, and you'll keep it on until all is finished" Ricky informed her as he tied the ends of the cravat around her head.

It was at least another frac14; of an hour before Ricky had finally stopped; he'd gone around in circles toward the end just to make sure that she'd lost her bearings.

"Well here we are, I come around and lead you in!" Ricky got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. "Ok out we get. " Paula eased her legs out then stood. Little did she know that she was realise that she was no more to blocks away from her own home.

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That probably depends a lot on where one lives.

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Maya enjoys masturbation
Maya enjoys masturbation
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