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Motheer he pulled out and rushed up to her side, the other guy immediately snatched his cock from her mouth.

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Really? Then what do you call this?

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The boy and mother
The boy and mother
The boy and mother
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I have. And I know the times in which it was written.
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What gives you the illusion that kevin55 is really pondering your answer? He behaves like a troll.
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You're to be congratulated on your noble effort.
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AIG is not a science source. They require that you ignore any evidence in any field that disagrees with a YEC. That may be a great way to do your religion, but no way in hell is it how we roll in science.
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You might want to check your sources on that one.
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Isn?t that my point? So why crawl up my back? We both know once even justified actions are taken against a Christian it quickly is called persecution.
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It's not ok to lie at any point; under oath or not.
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LMAO luckily enough no one filmed that idiot drifting across the river... ????
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I replied to your joking about the podium celebrations and your proposed $300 fine it went straight for approval, whats going on?

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