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Two excited lesbians have sex at the dinner table watch online

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As she opened the door Ricky was gob smacked, he knew he'd have no trouble everything would go down fine. Ricky arrived back at the car first opening the door for her, Paula looked back to the house; her mother was waving out of the window.

Paula raised her hand then got into the car. "I must say you're really the party piece!" Ricky smiled getting into the car beside her. "Thank you!" Paula smiled. "Where are we going?" "You'll find out soon enough. This is going to be what most girls dream about; but very seldom get, something you'll always remember!" Ricky drove about three streets away then stopped the car.

"Here?" Paula looked out of the car around her. "No, not yet. You'll have to put this blindfold on!" "Blindfold, why so?" "As I said you'll not see as to where we are going, and you'll keep it on until all is finished" Ricky informed her as he tied the ends of the cravat around her head.

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Two excited lesbians have sex at the dinner table
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