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It was at least another frac14; of an hour before Ricky had finally stopped; he'd gone around in circles toward the end just to make sure that she'd lost her bearings. "Well here we are, I come around and lead you in!" Ricky got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side.

"Ok out we get. " Paula eased her legs out then stood. Little did she know that she was realise that she was no more to blocks away from her own home.

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I visited BOGATYRSKY Member
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I'm fully aware of the difference between an H-bomb and an A-bomb.
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It also condones slavery and the killing of children, so maybe we shouldn't pay too much attention to what the bible says.
Mazumi 08.04.2018
What??? You saying I have anger issues, you #^&%$*(# ?
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i must disagree unless someone can offer me a more reasonable explanation. i do not accept, "we simply don't know" as an argument. it is like saying God exists and you say prove it and i say i simply don't know but He does. now i know you disagree but that won't change my position that i think people are hiding behind that. to come into the arena you must take a position and defend it.

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