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Ricky was annoyed when two of the guy's wanted second helpings, but he allowed them their pleasure.

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Dove is not ashamed to show emotions
Dove is not ashamed to show emotions
Dove is not ashamed to show emotions
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Nagar 29.03.2018
thinking isnt your strong suit apparently.
Meztitilar 01.04.2018
Yes has a Christan u should be prayerful and always meditate on d world of God
Akigrel 09.04.2018
One that really bugs me is troops.
Voodoolar 19.04.2018
You know how I do??????????????????
Nijind 27.04.2018
You do realize the incoherency in that statement, don't you? If it appeared out of literally nothing, it could not have done so spontaneously. Hence there must be an external cause that brought it into being (i.e. that created it).
Faebar 02.05.2018
that thing is a monster. 845horses, to all 4 wheels. it's basically just a 65 mustang shell over a thing made for racing.
Kaganris 07.05.2018
I make him go play and he acts like it's child abuse
Faetaxe 13.05.2018
I like rice and gravy the most and jambalaya. South Louisiana food.

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