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You generalize about religious folks, sum them all up as nasty by the actions of a relative few. Do you sum up all atheists by the actions of those communist ones? Consider folks like Martin Luther King Jr., who's faith directly influenced his non-violent approach to social change. Compare that to Lenin, who rejected non-violent social change in favor of violent revolution.

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Doctor with patient
Doctor with patient
Doctor with patient
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Akizshura 26.03.2018
And Jeff Bezos pays enough taxes I'm guessing to support thousands and thousands and thousands of the welfare snatchers.
Nikogul 27.03.2018
Dang ain?t hidin nothin ??????????????????????????????
Vikora 03.04.2018
Blue stripe huh?
Mulabar 08.04.2018
I love making people laugh .. if I can do that I feel I have brighten somebody's day.. damn I sound corny
Akinokazahn 10.04.2018
"Their right to be treated equally to anyone else."
Tarn 20.04.2018
Then take those birds and clone dinosaurs. Oh wait. You can't do that. I wonder why? Because you believe in a fairytale? And maybe you should inform Richard Dawkins and other famous atheists that we didn't come from chimps or apes because they keep repeating that lie, oh wait without lies you can't teach evolution.
Yozshugore 21.04.2018
Well they are a left over relic from from the Roman Empire.
Daizragore 27.04.2018
Please explain further... This is interesting.
Samukazahn 02.05.2018
What would be surprising is if he were to tell the truth.
Mele 05.05.2018
hey u on

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