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One of the other guys came up and started to finger her, she'd now all holes plugged, Enjoyment wasn't a word she could use; it was far beyond enjoyment, never would she have considered that being fucked in her arse could feel so magnificent, she was having orgasm after orgasm. She was taken aback when the guy exploded up her arse; she nearly chocked on the cock in her mouth; it felt more like she was having an enema.

As soon as he'd blow all he snatched his cock out, the guy who's cock as in her mouth was straight down to her pussy, thankfully for him her pussy had retracted somewhat, after his predecessor had chosen her arse. In a way she'd not minded him blowing up her back passage, she'd not have fancied his cock in her mouth again after it had been there.

She completely lost count now; she didn't know as to how many had fucked her; all she knew is that she was enjoying it immeasurably. Ricky was annoyed when two of the guy's wanted second helpings, but he allowed them their pleasure. The time had gone well, she'd been fucked for nye on 2frac34; hours, when the last one had blown his load Ricky stepped in between her legs, she was soggy for sure, but it felt good, when he blew his load Paula sat up startled.

"It's alright it's me this time!" He chuckled.

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Fuck two huge members
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