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It was her ninth that shocked her, he'd just moved from her mouth and was now fucking her pussy hard, she knew he was well endowed by the blowjob she'd given him. Unexpectedly he ripped his cock out of her and repositioned it up to her anus, this is something she'd never had, and by the feel of it didn't want.

"Ricky, no I don't want this!" She stammered. Ricky stood from his chair immediately, the last thing he wanted was for her to pull at her blindfold, the guy who was fucking her was one of the most repulsive of men he'd ever seen. Should she see his face she'd more than likely run out of the hall screaming then all would be lost.

"It's tthe, try it you'll more than likely enjoy it. Give him a chance to get it in!" He implied.

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Two delicate blonde girlfriend having sex on the bed
Two delicate blonde girlfriend having sex on the bed
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Same place you got yours.
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Me too.. so what are u doing
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Nah. She's cute and friendly, just not someone I have any sort of attraction to. Plenty of other actresses are the same way. I like them well enough, but, it kind of ends there. I'm weird about it. Most I like are either A) Extremely Smart B) Care a lot about things or C) Are genuine badazzes in real life. Usually all 3.
Terg 29.09.2018
...and this one too...
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Akinor 12.10.2018
" It wouldn't matter if someone PUSHED the man in the house and he had NO
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