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"Let me know by tomorrow night then?" "Ok, tomorrow night then!" Paula reached across opening the car door as she spoke. "What happens if I say no?" "Somehow I don't think you will; sleep on it, I'll see you tomorrow night!" Paula watched as he drove away before going into the house; she did speculate if all his girlfriends had had to go through this ritual, never would she have considered him to even ask her of such.

"You're early!" Her mother smiled as Paula stepped in the door. "How did your evening go then!" She knew Paula was thrilled to bits with her new boyfriend. "Fine Mum, the film was good" "When are you seeing him again?" Asked her father. "Tomorrow night, he'll be picking me up" "You don't seem to happy about it?" Here mother stated.

"Just a bit tired Mum, it's been a long day.

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He didn't say chocolate but you could see it on their faces what they both were thinking and he then said "he's cool, Hamilton is cool". Too late... ????

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Spiers of a young calf
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