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He was respected for his charity work of which he was well into, he raised lots of money, he was also very affluent person himself. Perhaps that is why he'd so many suitors, or would be suitors. Come lunchtime she was at her wits end, she knew she had to say yes, The phone rang for what seemed ages before he answered.

"Are, Paula spot on time well have you made your decision one way or the other?" Yes I mulled it over all night, but yes I'll go ahead with it!" Paula stated waiting for his response.

"Good for you. You will enjoy it I'm sure of that, not many girls get the chance, they think of it as a daydream, however, this is not the case with you I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock is that all right?" Paula agreed to the time, giving a sigh "Yes I'll be ready!" "Wear something sexy, no jeans or trousers Okay?" "Will do, I'll be ready at seven!" Paula replaced the phone into its cradle.

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Rough fuck leggy asians in beautiful stockings
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